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To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is on behalf of the Shlofta Improv Troupe, led by Yonatan Gruber. Da’at Educational Expeditions has been working together with Shlofta for nearly six months and has been extremely satisfied with all of the services which this group has provided.

Our company has hired Shlofta for meetings with groups from abroad. We have found that not only is their stage presence captivating, but their English is also impeccable and they are able to successfully engage with any group. Participants in their workshops actively partake in all activities and cooperate without hesitation. The staff is extremely easy to work with; they enjoy overcoming challenges, and they work hard to create new types of activities to meet our groups’ ever-changing needs.

We recommend this group in the highest regard – for creating a unique group bonding experience or just for fun.


Sarah Cohen

Da’at Educational Expeditions

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