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about us

Shlofta is a leading improvisation group in Israel for over 8 years.

With a large number of workshops and shows behind us, Shlofta brings a meaningful, funny and unforgettable experience.

Over the years our workshops were revised and evolved into meaningful group activities for the business, private and therapeutic sectors. Our workshops use tools from the theater and improvisation worlds that can be implemented into our daily lives.


The art of improvisation is based on the "Here and Now" philosophy, using internal intuition in order to experience every moment at full.

By using the Improve and acting techniques, participants will process the experiences they have had in Israel and receive tools to further internal and process the rest of their trip.


Creating a safe and comfortable space for sharing and friendship building

Self confidence

Analyzing different perspectives of Israeli society through 'acting out' scenes.

Processing experiences

The ability to listen to my partner

Reducing criticism and staying open minded and positive (Yes, and...)

Importance of cooperation


Almost every moment in our lives we are required to improvise and activate ourselves without prior planning. For the most, instead of taking advantasge of these opportunities, we are driven by fears and barriers which prevents us from bringing our full personality out.

We believe that the FUN is an inseparable part of the workshops, therefore aim to leave youwith lots of energy and a positive vibes




Shlofta improv group, workshops and shows in Israel